fork your tongue, hold your breath

by eating cake with friends

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All songs written, recorded and produced by Alfred Erik Thomé


released April 26, 2015



all rights reserved


eating cake with friends Sweden

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Track Name: fake
boys keep walking through you
turnstile exit, blue moon

you leave your heart in that hope
you leave your body and soul

fake it all
at once
fake it all
Track Name: shape
fleeting curses bend down
the branches of your shape

so vexed by the beginnings
some hunger you cant sate

and in the head we conjure
youll fade

hold the dancer in you
tie her with your death

the body will be singing
inbetween the breaths

and into the pale morning
youll step
Track Name: head
boy what can you do
the devil's got a hold on you
just trust the open sky
to fall upon your mind
and thrust the aching blue
recklessly into you

this world will look at you
disappear into
your thoughts of days to come
dissolve in the sun
and nothing will be left
in your empty head
Track Name: spaced out
spaced out in hell
where you blend in
with your warding spells

cold bones
that haunt you
through the night that you hurt

so pierce the flesh
with silver
you will poison yourself
Track Name: break broke broken
a girl is staying in tonight

break broke broken
im bottled up by the sky

and you were already there
you were already there

aint nobody who would follow
through pills and heart
through pills and heart

come and take them from me
come take it all
Track Name: wounds
three months in
a pinebox room
youll turn into
turn into

bursting beds
of flowering death
a poison air
a poison air

dressed in wounds
your body grew
all over you
all over you

hungers dance
and sing into
the breath you drew
buried you
Track Name: tiny ghosts
a drunken sleep
on a porcelain bed wheeling

into the day
all the fragile speak

you were sick with a hundred laws

and all your friends
are tiny ghosts wailing

below the grass
they grant you entry

come home when you want to

to the room that cursed you

and well feed the dirt
Track Name: work
drunk on harm
we blurred into

i felt your lives
through the coat

i felt your skin

beset by work
they exchange

every place we forget
with remembrance

come back
come back
to the deathly hands
upon ourselves
upon ourselves